Vladimir Nguekam

Vladimir Nguekam is the CEO of Mister Doe SAS, a software publisher company allowing to identify, manage and treat unclaimed life insurance contracts and inactive bank accounts. This Business Intelligence Solution was born following the enactment of the law Eckert from 13 June 2014. This law will require, from 1 January 2016, banks and insurance companies to put all the means at their disposal to identify beneficiaries unclaimed assets.
Vladimir has extensive experience in Life and non-life insurance. Actually, before creating his company he was Senior Manager at EY (Ernst & Young) Financial Services Office in Actuarial and Analytics business unit.
Before joining EY, Vladimir had spent his entire career within the AXA Group successively as Catastrophe Modeling Analyst in Group Risk Management at GIE AXA, Computer Analyst at AXA France non-life and Councilor actuarial study in Pension and Savings Actuary at AXA France Solutions Collectives.
He holds a Masters in Statistics applied to finance and actuarial sciences over a license in economics from the University of Maine at Le Mans in France in partnership with the University of Maine in the US.

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